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God´s Classroom

For a while We have all come to the right place. We all sit in God´s classroom. Now, The only thing for us to do, my dear, Is to stop Throwing spitballs for a while. by Hafiz, Persian Poet

God is real

A friend said to me: All people in Christian ministry write nice, decent prayer letters: you are the exeption…you write real ones…Guess, the comment was a bit extreme, but it is true: I do not like anything that is polished up or pretending to be better than it really is…God is real, his whole book is about real people with real problem walking in a real world….so I want to walk and let others know how I walk with a real God in my real world…
Right now I am in Canada for an inspiring conference…and to meet old and new friends…new like Alexandra who translates the Berlin prayer mail into English….and so far we have only met via Email…so it is great to meet the real person…

The eternal God

This morning I read some passages in the book: I am fascinated about the things Jesus sais about himself and the positive results of when God takes rule. So often we think about God in a restrictive way. We think he is messing up all the fun and putting life into boxes. But exactly the opposite is true. Jesus sais: When God comes near (i.e. when the kingdom / rule and reign of the eternal God becomes visible on planet earth) the following things will happen:

– sick people will get healed – people in bondage to whatever-stuff-that-ru(i)ns-their-lives get free – sadness and depression gets transformed into joy – rules and regulations get destroyed by life – hopeless people will find something / someone to look forward to – rejection and condemnation get pushed aside by love and acceptance… WOW . what a God we serve. It makes me cry:I want to see the live that is in God touch and transform the people in my city.


The power of money

About 30 businessmen and women attended a seminar on “The power of money” last night. My favorite quote: “You do not work to mak

e a living, you work to make a giving!” That´s the way I want to live. I trust a father who gives in abundance and for overflow!


Words of God

Just found these words of God to Germany on the homepage of two prophetic friends who wrote what they a

re sensing God is saying and feeling for Germany….just scanning through them they touched me deeply….printed them out to let the fathers message touch me more….


God is love

God is love!
In the letter to the Corinthians Paul defines love.
This means he also defines what God, the father is like.
Found it fascinating to pray the words of this passage back to him:

Father, you are patient!
Father you are kind!
Father, you do not envy [by the way: who should God be envious off…who should we be envious off when we have all in Christ?!]
God, you do not boast!
God you are not proud!
God you are not rude!
Father you are

You are not easily angered!
You keep no record of wrongs!
Your heart rejoices not with evil, but rejoices with the truth!
You always protect
You always trust
you always hope
you always persevere
Father – you never fail!


Live gladly

“The greatest honor we can give Almighty God is to live gladly because of the knowlege of his love”. Julian of Norwich.
Cool guy. Lived in England some time ago (not God, Julian…

God still lives there, I think).

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