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Value of friendship

Spent the last two days with Derek and Amy, two great friends who are from the US and live in Prague and are linked to one another by art, heart, body, thought in a covenant relationship called marriage. Whenever I did something cool, Derek would comment “You rock”…which is one of my favorite compliments (for those who do not speak rotten English as their first language: “You rock” means: “You are totally cool, great fun to be with, you bring life to dead places, you are

an inspiring person, out of the box thinker, no bore to be with, you have rythm, style and the right beat in life and so on…that is why it is my favorite compliment).
Being with them showed me once again the value of friendship. In Andreas blog she (another friend) wrote: “Love is not genuine if there is no other option!” Love that. And love the fact that people choose to love me – even though they would have another option….



2013-01-10 15.50.41Sound of love

The perfect arrangement
of a carpet of sounds
floating though the air
winning the worlds awards
cannot beat
the beauty
of a mum
humming a song of love
to her child

[part of a poem I wrote a while ago]

God is love

God is love!
In the letter to the Corinthians Paul defines love.
This means he also defines what God, the father is like.
Found it fascinating to pray the words of this passage back to him:

Father, you are patient!
Father you are kind!
Father, you do not envy [by the way: who should God be envious off…who should we be envious off when we have all in Christ?!]
God, you do not boast!
God you are not proud!
God you are not rude!
Father you are

You are not easily angered!
You keep no record of wrongs!
Your heart rejoices not with evil, but rejoices with the truth!
You always protect
You always trust
you always hope
you always persevere
Father – you never fail!


Live gladly

“The greatest honor we can give Almighty God is to live gladly because of the knowlege of his love”. Julian of Norwich.
Cool guy. Lived in England some time ago (not God, Julian…

God still lives there, I think).

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