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The eternal God

This morning I read some passages in the book: I am fascinated about the things Jesus sais about himself and the positive results of when God takes rule. So often we think about God in a restrictive way. We think he is messing up all the fun and putting life into boxes. But exactly the opposite is true. Jesus sais: When God comes near (i.e. when the kingdom / rule and reign of the eternal God becomes visible on planet earth) the following things will happen:

– sick people will get healed – people in bondage to whatever-stuff-that-ru(i)ns-their-lives get free – sadness and depression gets transformed into joy – rules and regulations get destroyed by life – hopeless people will find something / someone to look forward to – rejection and condemnation get pushed aside by love and acceptance… WOW . what a God we serve. It makes me cry:I want to see the live that is in God touch and transform the people in my city.


Jesus and Paul

When Jesus (and Paul) were confronted with demons, they did not allow them to scream out who he was…(see Mark. 1, 34) Why? Maybe because he did want the preciousness of Jesus name and who is to be discovered …step by step rather than by confrontational “preaching.”
Like demons we often prefer to shout or scream out the name of Jesus rather than providing room for people to experience and to discover Him for themselves….
Maybe some of our preaching is “demonic” rather than Christ-like….(okay, now please do not burn me for heresy…it´s just a thought)….

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