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Weather in Berlin

Weather in Berlin is mad. As a result of the storm two weeks ago there are still hundreds of broken trees and branches all over Berlin waiting to be picked up….and yesterday we had:
Sunshine – hailstorm – sunshine – hailstorm – sunshine and wind…had a weird day…reading on the balcony – running inside – reading – running inside – going for a little bike tour. Now it is as usual: cloudy sky.

Berlin and the thunderstorm

Berlin survived the worst thunderstorm in decades and we were out in a lake at the outskirts of Berlin….Glad I had a mountain bike when we raced back (me with a friend who did not have a bike at the back “seat” of my bike)….trying to escape from the falling tree branches and trees as we headed for the next train station….1400 uprooted trees and 7 people dead…pretty tough….

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