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Good and bad news

The good news: right wing (neonazi) motivated violence has decreased in Berlin. It is only half as bad as it was last year. That´s a real reason to be happy.

The bad news: theft obviously has not decreased. My bike was stolen from the inner court of the house I live in. That ´s the second bike I lost within 14 months …I am frustrated…especially since the last year was pretty hard financially. I had to sell my car and right now I do not have the money to replace the bike. That´s frustrating…(if you have a moment….please pray that I would be encouraged again!)


I love to be with teams of intercessors. Somehow so much is happening when you run into them and with them…

By CHANCE we ran into Axel Nehlsen (I am not too good at maths, but in a city of 3 + Million inhabitants, chances to run into someone you know are pretty low…). Axel heads up (maybe “hearts up”) “together for Berlin” an emerging network of leaders and intercessors who long to see this city changed and reached for Christ.

By CHANCE he happened to have time just then because another meeting had been cancelles.. he shared what was happening in the city….and then the team hat a chance to pray for him (and took it!!!). Loved every minute of it….great to be in a situation where you know GOD has his hands on…
Two ladies in the team by chance met a man in the underground who was hungry to receive Jesus – and did!

At night we by chance started talking about our conversion experience in an underground train. As we realized that half of the train was listening to our conversation we took our chances and kept asking each other questions about how Jesus changed our lives….loved every second of it…never enjoyed it so much to have a conversation overheard by so many…

I love the kind of things that are happening by chance….when we give God a chance and let things go from our hands and pray…HE is so great! I mean, how can you not want to be with him!

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