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Wild pigs

Need money? Shoot a wild pig.

Dpa reported that 50 wild pigs are on their way to Denmark. They have already swum across the Kanal connecting the East Sea with the North Sea and were only 50 km from Denmarks border. Nature freaks in Denmark are excited about the possible enrichment of the variation of species (Wild pigs died out in Denmark 200 years ago and can only be seen in Zoos). The danish association of pig breeders however is not so happy….(do they fear competition)….and offered 250 Euro to any hunter who would shoot one of the pigs for them. 250 Euro x 50…that´s a lot of money….

I think the story would give a great action Movie….Arnold Schwarzenegger or Mel Gibson in the role of the protector of Nature (kind of 21st century Tarzan) and Bruce Willis as the evil boss of the pig breeders….and of course one beautiful lady….could be a great script.


Going for a walk last night I ran into eight wild pigs. I mean – not the human version, but real ones. friend Glad my friend Rosemarie was with me to tell me this was normal. AH…okay?

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