Inspirations from Kerstin Hack

Month: January 2003

God is real

A friend said to me: All people in Christian ministry write nice, decent prayer letters: you are the exeption…you write real ones…Guess, the comment was a bit extreme, but it is true: I do not like anything that is polished up or pretending to be better than it really is…God is real, his whole book is about real people with real problem walking in a real world….so I want to walk and let others know how I walk with a real God in my real world…
Right now I am in Canada for an inspiring conference…and to meet old and new friends…new like Alexandra who translates the Berlin prayer mail into English….and so far we have only met via Email…so it is great to meet the real person…

More about me

Sorry, haven´t really written much these past weeks. Mostly because I am dealing with the unreachedpaper groups on my desk. Once they are reached I will write more about the wonderful place I live in.

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