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The power of money

About 30 businessmen and women attended a seminar on “The power of money” last night. My favorite quote: “You do not work to mak

e a living, you work to make a giving!” That´s the way I want to live. I trust a father who gives in abundance and for overflow!


The power of money

“Money is a terrible master, but an exellent servant.” P. T. Barnum
In November a seminar will take in Berlin with the title „Die Macht des Geldes“ (The power of money)
As the speaker, Earl Pitts, is a native Canadian, the seminar will be held in English language.
The same seminar will also be held in different other German and Swiss cities: Oelsnitz, München, Aarau, Bern, St. Margarethen.

I personally believe that this will be a key topic.

In a crumbling economy we as christians need to know more than ever how to handle our finances in a god-directed way. How to be led by him and not by money. Would be great to see some of you in Berlin for the seminar (I will be there).

More info:
Germany: Crown – a ministry of Campus Crusade Email:
Switzerland: History´s Handful Email:


Important negotiations

This city has problems. 45 Billion Euro debt. That is twice the amount of money that will be needed to restore the areas affected by the floods this summer. 7.3 Billion of Berlins annual income of 8 Billion is spent on salaries. Right now negotiations are underway between the Berlin government and trade unions to find a solution for this problem…well or

at least some kind of survival mode.
Negotiations of quite an other kind are underway south of Berlin. A number of pastors and their wives have withdrawn for 5 days to meet with one another and with God….and are searching for Gods answers for the spiritual and practical challenges of Berlin.
May all those negotiating for the future of Berlin be blessed.


A caring God

Good news: Someone prayed. He asked the Lord to show him someone that he could give something to. Felt led to go to my page. Saw my frustration about the stolen bike and decided to give me the money to get a new one….There is a caring God active on planet earth (okay, I knew that one before, but I love to experience his goodness in action!)

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