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A tragic situation

The Lutheran church in Berlin and the surrounding area Brandenburg has more full time staff (pastors, administrators, counselling people etc.) than people who attend their Sunday services. They of course have a n

umber of passive members who always pay, but never come. But nevertheless this is a tragic situation. Guess Berlin needs a lot of new, vibrant places of worship, but also a renewal and revive of the existing ones.


Night of worship

Germany used to have a national day for repentance and prayer. Now this has been abolished. However Christians still spend this day in prayer as

much as they can. In Berlin the young people will meet at Babelsberger Str. 37 for a night of worship and seeking Gods face starting at 6.30 p.m.


Worship from an Afghan Prison

I am listening to a new CD….clear, soft songs about God´s character and faithfulness. It almost makes me cry. Not just because I like the music and the lyrics, but because I know where these songs of trust in God where written: in prisons somewhere in Afghanistan. They were written by the women of the Shelter Now relief organization who were imprisone in various Afghan Prisons (well more like dungeons). During their time there words of the Bible gave them comfort and peace. The put these words to music and sang to keep their hearts at rest and to remain strong in their trust in God. It is quite another thing to sing “I trust in your faithfulness” or “you are my first love and you will be my last” when you sit in a comfy house or singing it in an Afghan dungeon. And who went back to Afghanistan after the war to help rebuild the

The CD is called: “Worship from an Afghan Prison – Ransom unharmed” and I am helping to distribute it. You can get it from me for 12,80 Euro ( Just send an email with your addresse and the numbers of Cds you want to me:
It might be a really useful christmas gift…(just give it to everyone who thinks that i>his or her life is hard….!)

Or you may wish to contact the offices of Shelter now to find out about their fantastic work and where the CD is available in your country (as much as I know they do not distribute the CD themselves): Have a look at Shelters Homepage.
I know, love and admire the men and women working with shelter (at least some of them) and would love to do everything I can to help support them and the work they do.


Pray and worship

Can´t believe this. There is so much prayer springing up in the city. The students of one university who recently started to pray and worship once per week now encreased this prayer time to daily! Someone from outside of Berlin rented a shop for a season, to be filled with worhsip – I am part of this and right now spend a few hours every day in the heart of Berlin worshipping the one who is king over the city!

Many pastors have gathered to a prayer summit (the funny thing is that there are no summits in Berlin – the highest hill is 70 meters high!). And at the end of the month the youth of Berlin will pray non-stop in a garage for 2 weeks. Then hundreds of people will gather to pray for the the youth of the nation as the love parade takes place in Berlin.
Someone said that every great move of God starts with prayer. GOD – What are you up to, here?

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