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The eternal God

This morning I read some passages in the book: I am fascinated about the things Jesus sais about himself and the positive results of when God takes rule. So often we think about God in a restrictive way. We think he is messing up all the fun and putting life into boxes. But exactly the opposite is true. Jesus sais: When God comes near (i.e. when the kingdom / rule and reign of the eternal God becomes visible on planet earth) the following things will happen:

– sick people will get healed – people in bondage to whatever-stuff-that-ru(i)ns-their-lives get free – sadness and depression gets transformed into joy – rules and regulations get destroyed by life – hopeless people will find something / someone to look forward to – rejection and condemnation get pushed aside by love and acceptance… WOW . what a God we serve. It makes me cry:I want to see the live that is in God touch and transform the people in my city.


Bride of Christ

Thinking a lot (well, some) about this whole thing about being the bride of Christ. Have heard so many teachings and read so many books about individually being the bride of Christ. But that is not what the bible really teaches (let me be doctrinal for a moment).

It talks more about how as a body of believers we are his bride. This is totally different from our individualistic mindsets. Lots of questions in my head: how can we as a corporate body love Christ, walk (run) towards him, cherish him, adore him….not many brides, but one – made up of various parts….how he loves his bride…how very much he loves her…

Gene Edwards “The divine romance” is a real classic teaching this in a deep and poetic way.
It is available at amazon…(uh…that´s pretty unpoetic but helpful info)…
Any thoughts, comments, inspirations…????

Oh, concerning inspirations. There is this real cool story by E.M. Forster about these humans who live under the earth and their deepest longing is for inspirations, but they are afraid of meeting real life (people, air, sunshine, country)…pretty much taps into how I sometimes feel – the tension between longing for life and inspiration and fear of unknown and uncontrollable situations…allowing life to happen. The story is called “The mashine stops” (from “The New Collected Short Stories” probably available at a…, more advertisment for them!).

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