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A caring God

Good news: Someone prayed. He asked the Lord to show him someone that he could give something to. Felt led to go to my page. Saw my frustration about the stolen bike and decided to give me the money to get a new one….There is a caring God active on planet earth (okay, I knew that one before, but I love to experience his goodness in action!)

Good and bad news

The good news: right wing (neonazi) motivated violence has decreased in Berlin. It is only half as bad as it was last year. That´s a real reason to be happy.

The bad news: theft obviously has not decreased. My bike was stolen from the inner court of the house I live in. That ´s the second bike I lost within 14 months …I am frustrated…especially since the last year was pretty hard financially. I had to sell my car and right now I do not have the money to replace the bike. That´s frustrating…(if you have a moment….please pray that I would be encouraged again!)

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