This morning I read some passages in the book: I am fascinated about the things Jesus sais about himself and the positive results of when God takes rule. So often we think about God in a restrictive way. We think he is messing up all the fun and putting life into boxes. But exactly the opposite is true. Jesus sais: When God comes near (i.e. when the kingdom / rule and reign of the eternal God becomes visible on planet earth) the following things will happen:

– sick people will get healed – people in bondage to whatever-stuff-that-ru(i)ns-their-lives get free – sadness and depression gets transformed into joy – rules and regulations get destroyed by life – hopeless people will find something / someone to look forward to – rejection and condemnation get pushed aside by love and acceptance… WOW . what a God we serve. It makes me cry:I want to see the live that is in God touch and transform the people in my city.