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Month: June 2002

Back from Prague

Just came back from Prague. Andrew tells everything on his blog. Well, not everything…he did not mention that I kicked him in the tires during the car race.
Marc a nice dutch guy with an unpronouncable surname also tells about the event …so have a look there, too!

Together for Berlin

Yesterday we had the first forum meeting for together for Berlin. Forum is the idea to bring people from  different sectors (prayer, business, communication, medical professions, teachers, politics) togehter, so that they could encourage and inspire one another and also think of ways how they could work together bless the city.

There are some groups that already exist: – Christians involved in reaching out to the youth – Christians in medical / therapeutical professions – English speaking churches Others are in the process of being formed. Networking is not the same as unity, but it is an important step towards unity!

God is love

God is love!
In the letter to the Corinthians Paul defines love.
This means he also defines what God, the father is like.
Found it fascinating to pray the words of this passage back to him:

Father, you are patient!
Father you are kind!
Father, you do not envy [by the way: who should God be envious off…who should we be envious off when we have all in Christ?!]
God, you do not boast!
God you are not proud!
God you are not rude!
Father you are

You are not easily angered!
You keep no record of wrongs!
Your heart rejoices not with evil, but rejoices with the truth!
You always protect
You always trust
you always hope
you always persevere
Father – you never fail!


The question

Wanted to say “Hi” but could not think of anything deep and profound that I could write. Maybe because I am brain dead after too little (or too much?) sleep. Anyhow. Someone else (Ed Piorek, author and vineyard pastor) said something I felt was profound yesterday:

“If we have no agenda with people they will begin to share their lives with us!”

How do you become a person with no agenda??? That is the question. I know the tendency in my heart to use people for my ends (to help me get things done and so on, can be pretty efficient in this.) Probably the only way to become a person with no agenda is to live in deep trust of the father who will give us what we need, so we need not use other people.

Pray and worship

Can´t believe this. There is so much prayer springing up in the city. The students of one university who recently started to pray and worship once per week now encreased this prayer time to daily! Someone from outside of Berlin rented a shop for a season, to be filled with worhsip – I am part of this and right now spend a few hours every day in the heart of Berlin worshipping the one who is king over the city!

Many pastors have gathered to a prayer summit (the funny thing is that there are no summits in Berlin – the highest hill is 70 meters high!). And at the end of the month the youth of Berlin will pray non-stop in a garage for 2 weeks. Then hundreds of people will gather to pray for the the youth of the nation as the love parade takes place in Berlin.
Someone said that every great move of God starts with prayer. GOD – What are you up to, here?


Live is cool!

Can´t believe this. Have been receiving all these prophetic – symbolic gifts in the past weeks:
– a real cool, huge disco ball – to symbolize the many facets of the body of Christ
– a set of huge numbers (the ones you use to teach kids how to count) – to symbolize the countdown for the coming breakthrough in my life
– a set of huge suitcases – to symbolize…I mean, what could they symbolize…..
And all of these were from people I do not even know. Just friends of friends.
God must be nuts. At least his people are! Crazy!

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