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Important negotiations

This city has problems. 45 Billion Euro debt. That is twice the amount of money that will be needed to restore the areas affected by the floods this summer. 7.3 Billion of Berlins annual income of 8 Billion is spent on salaries. Right now negotiations are underway between the Berlin government and trade unions to find a solution for this problem…well or

at least some kind of survival mode.
Negotiations of quite an other kind are underway south of Berlin. A number of pastors and their wives have withdrawn for 5 days to meet with one another and with God….and are searching for Gods answers for the spiritual and practical challenges of Berlin.
May all those negotiating for the future of Berlin be blessed.


Prayer for flood desaster

Several people from abroad have asked me how they can pray for the flood situation.
Thanks for feeling and standing with us. Here are my suggestions.

For the areas that are still flooded, in danger of being flooded or in the process of cleaning up (possibly toxinous mud and water)
in the area of emotions (shock, loss, terror) and materially (we are grateful for the EU and the German government for fast and unbureocratic help)
of the whole nation that has turned away from God in so many ways…
To cover the hearts, minds and lives of the people…
Thanks for praying with us.
I suggested to my German contacts to fast for one day and pray for these things and give the “food money” to the victims of the flood.

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