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Month: November 2002

The Gallup study

Church placed 4th in Gallup studyThe Gallup organisation conducted a study of which institutions are most trusted in 47 nations, interviewing 36,000 people on all continents. The study was paid for by the World Economic Forum, which traditionally meets in Davos, Switzerland, in January. The report reveals that Germans trust the Police and Army most, and that the Church is in a crisis, landing last among the 17 major institutions.
On Monday, the Berlin daily newspaper 'Die Welt' reported that 86% of Germans trust the Police, 70% the Army, and only 39% the Church. Globally, the Church ranks fourth, with 57%. The figures for the respective national educational system vary greatly; in Germany, it ranks fifth from last with 50% following the recent PISA study, which revealed major defecits, but internationally, it ranks first with 62%.

The Zeit newspaper commented o

n the economy that seems to be stuck in Germany: “´The area of reform in Germany is like a field of mushrooms – as soon as you pop up your head it gets chopped off!”

It is one of my biggest desires to see people who know God and trust him get active in the area of social, ecconomic and spiritual transformation of our land.

One guy who did it is Joerg Knoblauch – Dawn Friday Fax reports on him:
“Germany: Christian businessman receives award
One of the most prestigious German business awards was awarded to extraordinary Evangelical businessman Professor Joerg Knoblauch in Frankfurt's St. Paul's
Church on November 11th 2002. The Ludwig Erhard Prize is awarded by the German Society for Quality for 'Excellence in Competition'. Knoblauch owns the
companies Tempus (time planning systems), drilbox (cases) and DISG (personality profiling).


Michael Jackson in Berlin

Michael Jackson was in town – welcomed by dozens of Teenagers screaming under his Hotel Window. Marching with protest signs: “Peace to Michael” and “Leave his nose alone!”….drew some attention – even ours as I was sitting in a Starbucks opposite of his hotel with some people who wanted to understand what Berlin is like and what God is doing in the city. As I was trying to explain some of the historic roots of the city we had this interessting background event…weird….pretty weird. Like absurd theater.

The eternal God

This morning I read some passages in the book: I am fascinated about the things Jesus sais about himself and the positive results of when God takes rule. So often we think about God in a restrictive way. We think he is messing up all the fun and putting life into boxes. But exactly the opposite is true. Jesus sais: When God comes near (i.e. when the kingdom / rule and reign of the eternal God becomes visible on planet earth) the following things will happen:

– sick people will get healed – people in bondage to whatever-stuff-that-ru(i)ns-their-lives get free – sadness and depression gets transformed into joy – rules and regulations get destroyed by life – hopeless people will find something / someone to look forward to – rejection and condemnation get pushed aside by love and acceptance… WOW . what a God we serve. It makes me cry:I want to see the live that is in God touch and transform the people in my city.


The power of money

About 30 businessmen and women attended a seminar on “The power of money” last night. My favorite quote: “You do not work to mak

e a living, you work to make a giving!” That´s the way I want to live. I trust a father who gives in abundance and for overflow!


A tragic situation

The Lutheran church in Berlin and the surrounding area Brandenburg has more full time staff (pastors, administrators, counselling people etc.) than people who attend their Sunday services. They of course have a n

umber of passive members who always pay, but never come. But nevertheless this is a tragic situation. Guess Berlin needs a lot of new, vibrant places of worship, but also a renewal and revive of the existing ones.


Night of worship

Germany used to have a national day for repentance and prayer. Now this has been abolished. However Christians still spend this day in prayer as

much as they can. In Berlin the young people will meet at Babelsberger Str. 37 for a night of worship and seeking Gods face starting at 6.30 p.m.


Berlin prayer letter

Berlin is on the move. We decided to start to work on a Berlin prayer letter which will be edited monthly. Four people, two men and two women will start working on this project, soon. And other things are in the tube, too. Watch this space. Much more will happen.

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