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Month: August 2002


On Monday prayer leaders from various prayer groups across the city will meet to talk about cooperationg for the sake of the whole city. God is moving. We just released the Ge

rman version of “120 days of prayer for your city” (the english version is available at christ for your city. Hope and pray it will be a blessing!


About feelings

This morning I read: “Isn´t feeling pain better than having no feelings at all?”

What an interesting thought…especially when one lives in a nation that has learned for centuries to be hard and strong, to show no feelings (“a man never cries”, “be tough”)….

I hope that our present catastrophe will bring many people to a point where they will allow “weakness” in their lives….and discover, when they are “weak”, real people they will be able to experience his love and presence in a much deeper way than by always pretending to be strong….



2013-01-10 15.50.41Sound of love

The perfect arrangement
of a carpet of sounds
floating though the air
winning the worlds awards
cannot beat
the beauty
of a mum
humming a song of love
to her child

[part of a poem I wrote a while ago]

Prayer for flood desaster

Several people from abroad have asked me how they can pray for the flood situation.
Thanks for feeling and standing with us. Here are my suggestions.

For the areas that are still flooded, in danger of being flooded or in the process of cleaning up (possibly toxinous mud and water)
in the area of emotions (shock, loss, terror) and materially (we are grateful for the EU and the German government for fast and unbureocratic help)
of the whole nation that has turned away from God in so many ways…
To cover the hearts, minds and lives of the people…
Thanks for praying with us.
I suggested to my German contacts to fast for one day and pray for these things and give the “food money” to the victims of the flood.

Wild pigs

Need money? Shoot a wild pig.

Dpa reported that 50 wild pigs are on their way to Denmark. They have already swum across the Kanal connecting the East Sea with the North Sea and were only 50 km from Denmarks border. Nature freaks in Denmark are excited about the possible enrichment of the variation of species (Wild pigs died out in Denmark 200 years ago and can only be seen in Zoos). The danish association of pig breeders however is not so happy….(do they fear competition)….and offered 250 Euro to any hunter who would shoot one of the pigs for them. 250 Euro x 50…that´s a lot of money….

I think the story would give a great action Movie….Arnold Schwarzenegger or Mel Gibson in the role of the protector of Nature (kind of 21st century Tarzan) and Bruce Willis as the evil boss of the pig breeders….and of course one beautiful lady….could be a great script.

Faust´s Metropolis

CIMG0337Saw this really cool book on Berlin yesterday. Full history through the centuries. Thick enough to kill a man with it when you hit his head with the “Berlins history Bible” . It is called “Faust´s Metropolis – A history of Berlin” by Alexandra Richie. It is pretty expensive…27 Euro, but would be worth the money if I had it).

What a great city to live in….if one cannot read all the books that are written about it.

Visit Berlin

Walked through Berlin with my friends from Prague…well….can´t really say we walked through Berlin…it was more like going through all the thrift store shops and finding hippie clothes and huge shoes (size 45) for them….Andrew sais that to him Berlin seems like a city always rising up….a new group of people moves in and the city rises again….interesting way of describing the place, but it does make sense somehow….

A caring God

Good news: Someone prayed. He asked the Lord to show him someone that he could give something to. Felt led to go to my page. Saw my frustration about the stolen bike and decided to give me the money to get a new one….There is a caring God active on planet earth (okay, I knew that one before, but I love to experience his goodness in action!)

Good and bad news

The good news: right wing (neonazi) motivated violence has decreased in Berlin. It is only half as bad as it was last year. That´s a real reason to be happy.

The bad news: theft obviously has not decreased. My bike was stolen from the inner court of the house I live in. That ´s the second bike I lost within 14 months …I am frustrated…especially since the last year was pretty hard financially. I had to sell my car and right now I do not have the money to replace the bike. That´s frustrating…(if you have a moment….please pray that I would be encouraged again!)

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