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Month: July 2002


Berlin in summer is great…who would not want to live in a city with dozens of lakes, thousands of street cafés, countless open air cinemas….full of bubbling life and sunshine…..after two days of it the weeks of rain are almost forgotten.


Weather in Berlin

Weather in Berlin is mad. As a result of the storm two weeks ago there are still hundreds of broken trees and branches all over Berlin waiting to be picked up….and yesterday we had:
Sunshine – hailstorm – sunshine – hailstorm – sunshine and wind…had a weird day…reading on the balcony – running inside – reading – running inside – going for a little bike tour. Now it is as usual: cloudy sky.

Berlin is wonderful

Went to see Hackesche Hoefe yesterday. It is one of the Berlin and Tourist hotspots. However…I had never been there…or maybe once years back…..isn´t it weird how one sometimes does not even know the best places in town…Had a coffee at starbucks (not very stylish, but I wanted to read and they had the most comfy sofas…and the most expensive coffee…3.40 Euro (almost equivalent to Dollar) for a Latte -that´s nuts….and then strolled around to have a look at the bookshops, thearters, galleries (did not managed to understand the art I saw, but never mind. Berlin is a wonderful city!

Berlin and the thunderstorm

Berlin survived the worst thunderstorm in decades and we were out in a lake at the outskirts of Berlin….Glad I had a mountain bike when we raced back (me with a friend who did not have a bike at the back “seat” of my bike)….trying to escape from the falling tree branches and trees as we headed for the next train station….1400 uprooted trees and 7 people dead…pretty tough….

Jesus and Paul

When Jesus (and Paul) were confronted with demons, they did not allow them to scream out who he was…(see Mark. 1, 34) Why? Maybe because he did want the preciousness of Jesus name and who is to be discovered …step by step rather than by confrontational “preaching.”
Like demons we often prefer to shout or scream out the name of Jesus rather than providing room for people to experience and to discover Him for themselves….
Maybe some of our preaching is “demonic” rather than Christ-like….(okay, now please do not burn me for heresy…it´s just a thought)….

Pictures of New York

Went to see the Here is New York exhibition ….700 pictures of Sept. 11 and after. I was touched by the pictures that showed how life suddenly stopped….a woman at the opening created by the first plane crashing into the towers…alive and well…but with probably no way to escape the collapse of the tower….a child´s doll in the grey dust…an abandoned bagel salesplace….life suddenly stopped…
But then life went on: a mother playing with her little baby on a balcony (the smoking towers in the background)…a girl and a dirty, exhausted fire brigade man kissing on a park bench, a father playing with his son in front of candles and memory notices…
A while after Sept. 11 I created a little piece of art….several egg containers filled with little things that symbolize LIFE for me….I painted them brigth red and on the covers I wrote: “LIFE IS FRAGILE …handle with care!”

24-7 Berlin

24-7 Berlin has started. 2 weeks of around the clock worship and prayer in the heart of Berlin organized by the youth of Berlin. Pretty cool! Glad they have the passion and drive to get this going …and the grace to allow us older ones to participate.

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