The Seminar Room, May 2013

We are making progress. The seminar room has been completely derusted and primed and is looking really great! All that is left to do is to give it another lick of paint.

If you have never scraped off old paint and enamel from the inside of a ship, you will not be aware of how much of a milestone this stage is. Hats off to Karl, the ship-builder and all the other helping hands who scraped, rubbed and sanded down.


Scraping off rust in the seminar room.

The next step is to get hold of watertanks for drinking water and waste water and build them into the ship. Then we will need to insulate the walls and lay down the floor.


Seminar room October 2012

In the meantime, we are also looking for moorings in Berlin where we can continue working on the ship – this is a real challenge! If it works out, we will bring the ship to Berlin as soon as possible.

The Situation with the Shipyard costs is as follows: I am only missing 5,153 Euros of the total 22,507 Euros. At the end of July, I will have to pay back a loan of over 5,000 Euros. I hope that I will have acquired the rest of the money by then!