2013-08-03 16.42.13The ship now is in Berlin!
To get it here was quite a challenge. It had to be pushed by a big other ship. During the journey we had to remove huge pieces of metal as we were not low enough. We even had to flood the ship and had to fix holes to be able to go under low bridges.
We twice got stopped by the officials – once for 16 once for 1o hours because one stamp on one papers was missing!
In the midst of it all my father was admitted to hospital in a critical state –
with blood pressure under 30….and had an emegency operation to have a heart pace setter installed. He is still recovering.
Live-changing journey

Through a friend God sent us a great man – Bernd – to help us. After two days of travelling with us he decided to put his life into the Lords hand – so it was quite a life changing journey for him, too!

So now I am happy – and sooooooo tired. But the ship is in Berlin. And a new brother is in the kingdom.
Work ahead
The biggest challenge is now fo find volunteers. We need to get the ship ready for winter ot avoid further damage! Being a German I calculated that this means 1000 hours of work in the next two months: removing rust, painting and putting in insulation and a heating system. And a bit of money for insulation.
All of this this needs to happen before October!
Please pray with me for faith and courage and a miracle of helpers – volunteers who would help for a day or a
week or two. Accomodation can be provided!

Maybe think and pray about coming yourself or with some friends, people from church for a week or so to help – that would be amazingly good.

If you can´t come maybe you can sponsor a professional – there are some parts that I need professionals for (who charge 50 Euro an hour)…so maybe you would like to sponsor some of this.
Feel free to tell your friends about it and encourage them to come over and help me! 2013-08-07 10.25.59