IMG_0351– Was I alive today?


– What new thing have I learned about life?

Gifts “lurk” in places where one doesn’t expect them. In a coaching session, I was richly blessed. The coaching theme was “work” and my job was to help him gain some clarity regarding whether and how he can further a specific project. Yet, during the discussion, our topic wandered from work to another plane: “What I really long for I would like to express in the words that I once heard a counselor say: “To help people to stand upright and to develop under God!”

This sentence was/is a gift for me. Because he also expressed my own longing. This is the reason I write books, coach people, build the ship: because I would like to help people to stand upright and develop under God.

And yea: The first person that I would like to help with that is myself.

– What new thing have I learned about myself?

Like before, I’ve been occupied with the theme “needs.” It’s good for me to become clear about what I need. Sometimes I feel sad because some of my needs are not being met very well. Yet, most of the time I find it very helpful. When I know what I need the most, I can ask for it from myself, my God, and people who like me.

My Current Top 6 Needs

– Encouragement: Not generally “You can do it!” but rather specific and concrete: “Look what you have already accomplished… and how far you are… you can also do the next step…”

– Bodily Relaxation: Warmth, massages, reduction of tension for the back.

– Advice: Planning help: How in the world should I do this with the entrance and the machine room? Room layout and the right furnishings.

– Practical Help: Still about 18 hours of painting and cleaning that needs to be done by next weekend so that we can build the windows. Help with procuring things – buying on Ebay, picking things up in Berlin…

– Financial Support: Taking over one or the other items on the ship – whether big or small.

– To be Spoiled: A little indulgence… flowers, massages, body care, candles, good food…a pretty dress ;-) ….

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