2013-10-01 16.11.56– Was I alive today?


On the first day of every month, I always take the whole day to reflect, plan, and pray. This is very important for me as an anchor for my life. I often go to Potsdam and spend time in cafes and in the Sanssouci Park.

This morning, I was exhausted. A root canal, 10 days of bad sleep because of lower back pain, two sick coworkers on the team, which means more work for me, challenges on the ship, some worries about friends… everything had exhausted me to the point that I was pretty emotionally stretched too thin.

Suddenly, as I was praying, I felt like Jesus was saying to me, “Buy yourself something to wear today. That will be good for you.” He definitely understands women! I definitely don’t belong to the category of women who are always buying things. I actually find that stressful. But I love it when I find a piece of clothing that really suits me. Other than clothing that I’ve bought with gift certificates, I haven’t bought myself clothing in a really long time – all of the money that I currently have is going into the ship instead. That’s where it’s really needed.

Today – with the idea from the morning in the back of my head – I discovered a dress in a store along the way that looked like it was created just for me. I went it and tried it on. I was right – exactly mine – as though it was made for me! And affordable. 16 Euros! The only thing that annoyed me was a slit that crossed over the top of the dress. As the vendor explained that it was a nursing dress, I discovered that I was in a second-hand store for maternity and nursing clothing. The slit was there for making the milk-sources quickly available for hungry babies. The vendor had a sewing machine on the table and the right-colored thread already loaded, so I asked her to close the slit (I don’t need it right now), and now I have a perfect dress in which I feel great. This is really good for me. Jesus was right! This is good for me!

2013-10-01 19.49.29

– What new thing did I learn about life?

Design makes people happy and creative. In the store, a woman was working on a lampshade. I admired it, and then she began to talk. “I love this lamp because it has a special history. My grandparents lived in the ex-GDR and my grandmother saw this lamp in a magazine, and she thought it was beautiful. (Which doesn’t mean that anyone would actually be able to find it anywhere in the existing socialistic society). My grandfather and she went one day to look for carpet for their apartment. And the lamp was standing in the entrance to the store. They bought it.

But now they didn’t have enough money for the entire carpet. So they considered which corner of the apartment could do without. And so it came to pass that they had no carpet under the built-in cupboard or under the couches… but they had the lamp!

– What new thing did I learn about myself?

In the last couple of years, I have developed a good sense for the things that do me good. Earlier, I didn’t really think much about it, but it’s something I’ve consciously practiced over the last couple of years. And it doesn’t matter if someone believes that Jesus really spoke directly to me (which I believe, since we are actually friends) or if I just felt the need to do something good for myself – either way, the thought came to me. And it was good for me.

Now, sleep would be good for me. I hope it will be long, without disturbances, and deep.

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