Went to see “Monsoon Wedding” (by Mira Nair) with a handful of friends last night. A colorful movie, jumping rapidly from deep seriousness to brilliant commedy. There was one scene where father Lalith gets to know that the rich “uncle” who had been so generous to his family had sexually abused his older foster daughter and molested the younger one, who is still a child. The older daughter refuses to go to the wedding as long as the uncle is there. The father persuades her to “keep face” for the sake
of the family unity, but then later rises to boldness: Neglecting social, family and cultural traditions and bondages He tells the uncle that he loves his daughters “and would protect them at all costs.” This scene deeply touched me, knowing that I was surrounded by people who like myself had at least once in their lives deeply longed for a father (physical or spiritual) who had stood up against abusive uncles and said: “You are leaving now. This is my son, my daughter! You are not going to harm her!”