There are moments in live, when I am amazed what my nation is like. Saturday we moved 9000 books from Floor Nr. 4 in one place to the attic of an other place. Had an elevator in one place. For five minutes. Then it got stuck. With one third of the moving crew being unmovable. Stuck in an outdoors elevator at freezing temperatures. We knew it would take 90 minutes for the landlord to arrive. So they wrapped themselves up in Packing paper and cardbord to stay warm. The others members of the reduced moving team could still move. And without grumbling carried all the books down 90 stairs. And up again 90 stairs. And the three once delivered got out of the elevator and started to work: First unpacking themselves and then all the stuff. Could not really believe it. Guess that makes other people think that we as Germans are work machines….But what else should you do….