In the last days two friends shared thoughts that moved me. Matthias shared a quote from Richard Rohr:

Reflection from Richard Rohr:

When God gives of God’s self, one of two things happens: either flesh is inspirited or spirit is enfleshed. It is really very clear. I am somewhat amazed that more have not recognized this simple pattern: God’s will is incarnation. And against all of our godly expectations, it appears that for God, matter really matters. God, who is Spirit, chose to materialize! We call it the Christ Mystery.

This Creator of ours is patiently determined to put matter and spirit together, almost as if the one were not complete without the other. This Lord of life seems to desire a perfect, but free, unification between body and soul. So much so, in fact, that God appears to be willing to wait for the creatures to will and choose this unity for themselves—or it does not fully happen. Our yes really matters, just like Mary’s did.

Adapted from Near Occasions of Grace, p. 5

Another friend of mine recently attended a protestant church service where an “Ave Maria” was sung. At first she thought “That is strange – we are no catholics”…Then she realized…God is praising the YES of a human being, Maria. The the YES to partner with HIS will, the Yes to HIM manifesting His will and plans in their lives. Without her he could not have made his plan manifest in this time and place. God and (wo)man working together.
This made me wonder if God and the angels sometimes – when I make the right choices and say YES to his will in my life also sing an “Ave Kerstin for me: ” “Well done, Kerstin – as you say YES I can fulfill my will through you.” I guess they do.