We wish you a merry Christmas, we wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year..:” You may wish to praise God that this blog does not have sound…(i.e. it is not me singing)…but it comes from my heart anyhow.
I hope that this Christmas and in the coming months you will experience the God who is so real that he did not care about being God but became real man….

Right now I am not in Berlin, but in South Germany. Celebrating Christmas with my family (parents and siblings). Today we will clean the house. Then we will have the traditional lentil soup for lunch. This is tradition as it is the last “poor” meal before the season of “rich food” starts. We all love it.
Later in the afternoon we will go to church togehter (traditional Lutheran chuch)…have a simple, but good meal (usually fish and toasted bread) and then share gifts. (For those who do not come from a German context: we celebrate Christmas on Christmas eve). In my family one person is chosen by lot who is first allowed to give her / his gifts. Then we chat, drink wine (if you are from North America and have a problem with this passage simply change it to “grape juice of a special kind)…and enjoy being together…
The next two holidays are spent chatting, eating (yummy), going for walks and most of all reading…we all love books and usually we kuddle together in the afternoons with the books we have given each other for Christmas and read. I love it. The only big question is: Who will get up and make coffee for all of us. The same procedure as every year….