My fellowship is great! For my birthday they spoiled me. The original plan was to take me to a kids party at McDonalds, but then their courage left them….(did not want to be seen by their friends and collegues with those funny hats and noses…and none of us really likes burgers anyhow.

So instead they really put up the full show:
a fantastic meal (I am still stuffed with the leftovers), flowers, good music (Buena Vista Social Club) and love and prayers.

The most unusual prayers I ever received for my birthday. Very little of the standard “Bless Kerstin and give her everything she wants – a house, husband, money, a car and all of your blessings ” kind of stuff.

More like: these are areas where she nees change and transformation and deliverance. The kind of stuff that makes you totally uncomfortable when somenone who you do not trust discovers it. But somehow I felt totally safe. Those around me were friends who loved me – in spite of all the stuff they see in my life. And who are determined to walk with me. And love me! And walk with me! Makes me laugh and cry.